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Written by Barry Mallett   
Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ernie Heseltine lands top catch this week from Royle's

A brief warmer spell during last midweek but then a return to cooler and wetter conditions by the weekend. Nothing from the match scene on local Boston waters but those who enjoy pleasure sessions have took good catches from whichever peg they decide to fish, particularly the Sibsey Trader Drain. Next Boston match is the Boston & DAA championship on Sunday 25th August, ring Mark Cook for more details as usual on 01205 363333.

Starting at Royle's and Ernie Heseltine finished top dog with a 3 figure net of f1s last Tuesday using banded pellet well up in the water. Steve Lamyman stuck to the margins with dead maggot to landed carp and ghosties to 6lbs for second with John Godden another 16lbs behind in third.

1 Ernie Heseltine 103lbs; 2 Steve Lamyman 89lbs; 3 John Godden 73lbs; 4 Brian Clark 67lbs.

More of a struggle than of late at Bain Valley as Edgar Purnell led the way with less than half the previous Wednesday weights. He used the feeder for most of the day and then finally took three large fish from the margins during the last hour. Not far behind in second was in form Dave Gash who relied on the pellet waggler and took all his fish at a shallow depth.

1 Edgar Purnell 55lbs 10ozs; 2 Dave Gash 51lbs 12ozs; 3 Darren Gowshall 46lbs 10ozs; 4 Dave Woodbridge 44lbs 13ozs; 5 Nick Mummery 43lbs 4ozs; 6 Dave Over 41lbs 12ozs.

A little better on Saturday and just a single ounce separated a couple of 70lbs plus catches. Both anglers fished the method feeder but victory went to Steve Pretty who denied Sam Smith by that narrow margin. After that it was Paul Underwood who led home the also-rans as again less than 2lbs separated the next three places.

1 Steve Pretty 72lbs 15ozs; 2 Sam Smith 72lbs 14ozs; 3 Paul Underwood 50lbs 14ozs; 4 Dave Clarkson 49lbs 6ozs; 5 Dave Woodbridge 49lbs 1oz; 6 Toby Pepper 45lbs 5ozs.

Fishtoft AC paid a visit to Lockies pit North Kyme where a variety of baits accounted for the better catches, such as they were. Caster tempted a few carp to give Terry Gooding the winning margin as Chris Lamek chose sweetcorn to finish nearly 4lbs down in second spot, Doug Sawer another 3lbs plus back in third using both pellet and sweetcorn.

1 Terry Gooding 24lbs 8ozs; 2 Chris Lamek 20lbs 12ozs; 3 Doug Sawer 17lbs.

Next fixture is Sunday 1st September meet 8.30am at Woodlands, Spilsby.

The very same venue was the scene of Liam's Elite latest club match this Sunday but Ash Lake produced much lower weights than expected for them. Even so an enjoyable day for most with another assortment of baits to attract the resident fish. Ken Clarke used pellet and meat down the margins, as did most of the others, to take the honours, a little over 4lbs the winning margin. Ron Roberts was that second placed angler, he adding maggots to his choice of baits, Darren Cound sticking to the sweetcorn for his third position another 10lbs adrift.

1 Ken Clarke 55lbs 12ozs; 2 Ron Roberts 51lbs; 3 Darren Cound 40lbs 10ozs; 4 Ken Mallows 30lbs 10ozs;

5 Dave Wilson 18lbs 10ozs.

That cooler weather brought about a substantial drop in weights for all the weekly matches at Westwood over last week, many still to give your right arm for. Jim Barrowman held on to win by just over 3lbs and taking carp, f1s and tench to 4mm expander pellet over 2mm feed he put a winning catch of just over 80lbs onto the scales. Brian Harding took a mainly silver fish catch and added 3 decent carp on maggot for his second spot, with Gareth Mills just another 3lbs back, his catch also falling to maggot.

1 Jim Barrowman (PJ Angling) 80lbs 8ozs; 2 Brian Harding (Maver/Baitech) 77lbs; 3 Gareth Mills (Spilsby AC) 74lbs; 4 Richard Bond (Bury St. Edmunds) 66lbs 12ozs; 5 Brian Thompson (WWLakes) 65lbs 6ozs.

The popular Angels Taxis match for cadets and juniors on Wednesday saw some good catches from youngsters and a tight finish for the 12-16 yr group. In the cadets match TJ Simpson won with a runaway total and so beating Charlie Baxter into second by a full 18lbs.

The juniors match was a much tighter affair, with Ab's Zidani getting the nod and just edging Tom Edwards into second by less than a pound.

Cadets 8 to 12 yrs: 1 TJ Simpson 40lbs 10ozs; 2 Charlie Baxter 22lbs 10ozs; 3 Josh Newman 17lbs.

Juniors 12 to 16 yrs: 1 Ab's Zidani 53lbs 10ozs; 2 Tom Edwards 52lbs 14ozs; 3 Adam Swain 47lbs 14ozs.

Much the same sort of weight range for a near full house on the Thursday over 50s event on Skylark as Ken Clarke produced the best of the week. Using 4mm expander over 2mm feed he fished close in all day to take a net of carp and barbel to win by over 12lbs. Paste at 7m was Brian Thompson's tactic and one which brought him second place some 7lbs ahead of Brian Harding in third.

1 Ken Clarke (WWLakes) 93lbs; 2 Brian Thompson (WWLakes) 80lbs 6ozs; 3 Brian Harding (Maver/Baitech) 73lbs; 4 Steve Gregory (Middy/Miracle Baits) 62lbs; 5 Spike Milligan (Garbolino/Lincs County) 61lbs 10ozs.

The Sunday qualifier on Hawk Lake attracted just 20 anglers and was dominated by Maver Bait Tech anglers in the first four places. Top of this list was Toby Pepper who used maggot over dead reds to take a good net of mainly barbel from the far side, with the odd carp thrown in. Pellet, also to the far bank, was the choice of Alistair Ogilvie who took mainly carp for his second position and finishing over 13lbs ahead of team mate Mick Dixon in third. An all barbel catch fell to Mick using chopped worm and caster whilst Brian Harding brought mainly ide to the scales to make 4th place.

1 Toby Pepper (Maver/Baitech) 82lbs; 2 Alistair Ogilvie (Maver/Baitech) 71lbs 10ozs; 3 Mick Dixon (Maver/Baitech) 58lbs 4ozs; 4 Brian Harding (Maver/Baitech) 50lbs 8ozs; 5 Steve Lane (Marukyu/WWL) 49lbs.

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